A day at Orana Wildlife Park

A Sumatran Tiger leaps for his lunch at Orana Wildlife Park

I spent a good part of my day walking around Orana Wildlife Park. It’s always a good day out at the park. I always leave one exhibit and think ‘that was my favourite’… but then the next one proves to be as equally as good but for different reasons. The animals are all so different – you get cute versus scary but magnificent, so you can’t really compare them. If you haven’t been for a while, then I highly recommend a visit. I always love the Meerkats as they often give the best photos (it helps that they are not behind wire fencing!).


  • lynn
    6 years ago

    Amazing photos.

  • Jen B
    6 years ago

    Hi Michelle, i’m now a NSWer (Aus) but still call chch home after leaving 20 years ago – we went back for the first time since the quakes and were at Orana Park on the 6th Dec and took many similar photos (not as good as yours of course). We saw for ourselves many of the city images we have seen on your blog – your blog has been a great link for me to home. I was surprised to find that although I fully intended to look around the inner city, when I came to do so, I just couldn’t. I’m so impressed with the art and book exchanges that have sprung up around the town, and of course, with the people of chch – the earthquakes have brought out the worst, but most clearly also the very best in people. Thanks again for you blog!

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