Abandoned Bar, Oxford Terrace

January 5, 2012
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This is what was the Tap Room, and it’s one of the remaining bars on Oxford Terrace (the spot that I knew in the 90’s as ‘The Strip’). It’s right beside the Re-Start container shopping mall – so people are draw to it and have a look inside through the windows. It’s quite an eerie scene – with half drunk glasses of wine on a table and some guy’s hat on another. Dishes are stacked up and ready to be taken to the kitchen – but clearly they never got there, mother nature intervened and people would have just picked up and made a run for it.

It’s quite interesting to see what actually stayed up-right…

I don’t know the fate of this building – but the fact that it’s still standing and only yellow-stickered when most of the other bars along this bit of Oxford Terrace are gone, is probably a good sign.

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