Rata or Pohutukawa?

I’m never sure if this is rata or pohutukawa – as I always believed we didn’t get pohutukawa in Canterbury – and the tree I photographed does not look ‘stemmy’ like the pohutukawa trees I see in Wellington (it’s quite bushy and compact). Whatever it actually is, it’s beautiful. I snapped this one on a Mt Pleasant hill looking down onto the estuary (you can make out one of the Norfolk Pines). Today has been a stunning day – lovely blue sky, nice and warm but with a pleasant wind blowing (well I find it pleasant – but I know not everyone likes the Nor’Wester!).


  • 6 years ago

    Pohutukawa will grow bushy sometimes – we had one in Wellington that had been cut down at some stage, and it grew right back and was very bushy.
    I think that we do have some pohutukawa in Christchurch, although they may have been planted rather than growing here naturally.

  • Carolyn Collins
    6 years ago

    There are lots of pohutukawa in and around Sumner and hill suburbs. I think rata’s colour is a darker red. There’s a big one next to ( on the north side) of the Hereford St bridge but my very small one flowered before New Year so it may have finished too. Feijoas have similar flowers too.

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