Curious case of the pegs in the garden


In case you haven’t realised, Michelle is away on holiday this week and I’m looking after the Christchurch Daily Photo whilst she’s away. My name is Katherine and I live in the eastern surburbs of Christchurch (i.e. the munted side of town). For the last week I have been coming home to a lawn scattered with pegs. I just assumed it was either the strong wind we’ve been having or the earthquakes, but either way didn’t think too much of it. However, this afternoon I discovered the reason. My 1 year old nutcase tabby cat called Sammy. He’s been having a riot of a time scattering them around the lawn, chewing on them and trying to squeeze himself into the peg basket too (small peg basket + big cat = pegs everywhere). I was snapping a few shots of him lying in the shade under the washing and then fun and games began (I was using my point and shoot camera so the photos aren’t as good as usual – plus he was running around like a nutcase)






And then less than 15 minutes later…….. fast asleep like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth! Oh to be a cat!











  • Emma
    6 years ago

    oooh that’s adorable!

  • William
    6 years ago

    lol, very cute 🙂

  • Craig
    6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this Michelle. It’s a great story. How can anyone argue with that cat?

  • Nicky
    6 years ago

    Love the photo of the pegs, reminds me of my Mum’s peg pot. She has an old colander so the water can drain away when it rains.

    • katherine
      6 years ago

      Thanks Nicky

  • 6 years ago

    LOL, Cute, they are so easy to amuse…

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