Bulwer, Pelorus Sound, Marlborough

For the last week I have been away on holiday in an idyllic spot called Bulwer. It’s also a fairly remote spot as well – it took us about 8 hours to drive there from Christchurch. It was the most wonderful place to spend a week away from the everyday that is Christchurch post earthquakes.

The first photo is a shot of the jetty at the beach taken at sunrise – which was about 6.30am. The seagulls flying off at just the right time was a lucky break!

Here’s the hill by the beach – swathed in early morning sunlight. It’s all native bush and hills – an those hills are teeming with birdlife.

This is the bach Bruce and I stayed in – we had an amazing view of the beach – we left the curtains open at night so we were woken up by the sunrise – this is probably the only way I managed to get up at 6am to take the early morning shots.

And here is the beach during the day. I’m not sure the photo does it justice, it was so lovely and the water was so blue and actually almost warm. I went for a swim by the jetty but freaked out a little when a sting ray swam past. Apparently he was harmless unless I stood on him! There were also seals that played around the jetty – they were really amusing.

One of the local seals that would entertain us.

This is a weka – they were everywhere and rather amusing to watch. They are very curious birds so you can not leave anything out that they could carry off into the bush.

And lastly, here is the wood pigeon that kept flying between the trees in front of the bach. I was determined to get a photo of it. There were actually a couple of local wood pigeons and often they would fly into a tree at the same time. They are very clumsy flyers so are quite comical when they land in trees.

Well, there’s just a taste of this stunning part of New Zealand. If you want to stay where we did (and I highly recommend it) you can check out their website.

Thanks must go to Katherine for looking after the blog in my absence. She’s done a wonderful job with some excellent photos. I’m looking forward to getting back into snapping Christchurch – as we have quite a few interesting events happening right now – including the Buskers Festival. So expect to see a few busking photos this week!



  • katherine
    6 years ago

    Yay welcome back. Glad you had an awesome time. It looks amazing. Is it in the Queen Charlotte or the Pelorous Sound?? I definitely had fun blog watching for you but glad you’re back too!!

  • 6 years ago

    Hi Katherine, thanks so much for looking after the blog! It was Pelorus Sound we went to – highly recommend it.

  • Kaylee
    5 years ago

    i live there haha u have since i was 4 my dads parents used to own that. And it’s a lot of fun out there with just the beach. water, sun and bush 🙂

    • 5 years ago

      It certainly is a very special place and you are very lucky to live there Kaylee!

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