Maltworks Silo Demolition, Heathcote Valley

January 25, 2012
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Anyone familiar with the Heathcote Valley will recognise the silos from the Maltworks. They rather stand out in the valley and are something of an eyesore (though I have met people who actually like them). Well each to his own I guess, but whatever your opinion of the view, the fact is they are coming down (much to the relief of many Heathcote residents – including the one I met today who was very excited about them coming down).

So in about another week or so they will be gone (that is how long they estimate it will take them to get them down). As you can see with the photo below, they are using a wrecking ball and a rather large crane to bring down the silos. I’ve also recorded a video of the wrecking ball hitting the silos, so will link to that once it has finished uploading to YouTube.

The Maltworks are being cleared away for a planned over 55’s lifestyle village which is being developed by Christchurch company PLC Villages.

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