Street Cirucs Act, Buskers at New Brighton

January 28, 2012
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I caught the Street Circus buskers at New Brighton this afternoon. They were excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the sunshine at the beach. I hope to check out a few more acts tomorrow at Hagley Park. It’s so good to have the festival back as it really made me feel like we were getting back to the old Christchurch. However, one of the acts on before Street Circus were a bit surprised at the crowds weird reaction to their act at one point – that’s because those of us sitting on the steps at the basketball court felt the full effects of a small earthquake that happened during their act. I don’t think the buskers felt it, but the crowd were amused and maybe a little spooked at the same time as they certainly did feel it!

This cute dog also appeared to be enjoying itself at the buskers as well!

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