Shabby Chic Market Day

Every 1st Sunday of the month there is the Shabby Chic Market on Connal Street in Woolston. It’s full of lots of eclectic things and I find it quite hard to resist! Every month I come home with a few new bits and bobs to add to my collection. Usually it’s bone china I pick up, but I’ve also bought designer clothing and art work.


This time I also picked up some of the very yummy bread and pastries that are for sale. Last month I left the bread stall to last and he was packing up! So I made a beeline for him this month. The bread is delicious.

And finally, here are my purchases from the stall. The entire lot cost me about $40. The dish is very pretty and the milk jug is quite delicate and fine. As for the glass bowl – it’s shaped like a petal and I just could not walk past it!


  • Jen B
    6 years ago

    This market looks fantastic – me to a tee! I’ll have to make sure next time I’m in chch that I’m there on the first sunday of the month – thanks so much for sharing!

  • 6 years ago

    Hi Jen, it’s a fabulous market. I overhead a lady telling one of the stall holders that she’d only just found out about it, and was a bit disappointed that she’d missed out on so many months of it. I pretty much never go home without something.

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