Chinese Lantern Festival

I got along to the Chinese Lantern Festival tonight which has been relocated to Hagley Park. They’ve really made the most of the new venue with the lanterns spaced out further and lots of lights along the Avon River. It was a great night out and very well attended by Christchurch people. The performers at the start were amazing.

Oh my did the food smell and look delicious. But I resisted, as I would have only been eating it because it smelled and looked delicious!





  • Christine Hart
    6 years ago

    I tried to go but traffic trying to get a park was horrendous so gave up!

    • 6 years ago

      The traffic was a shocker! We hit Bealey Avenue at about 7.45pm and went ‘yikes!’. We ended up parking not far from the start of South Hagley Park by Riccarton Avenue. I suspect tonight won’t be so busy as families won’t want to be out so late when there’s a school day the next day!

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