Monarch Butterflies at the Museum

February 23, 2012
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So yesterday, I had lunch at the Museum cafe which overlooks the botanic gardens (I highly recommend it as the views are lovely and the food is good too). I could hear some noise coming from below the cafe – which turned out to be a group of school kids getting very excited about the monarch butterflies that are on display. So my friend Emma and I made a beeline for the very small room that houses the butterflies. We were so entranced by them (they are very tame) that we ended up being a little late for the memorial service in the park (oops). The monarchs are there for at least another week and they can also be seen at the Ellerslie Flower Show which I will definitely be attending this year (since it got cancelled last year thanks to our earthquake).

I had one of the monarchs land on my hat!

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