Ferry Antique Centre

(Post update – they’ve moved to 282 Ferry Road – look for their new green building).

I had no intention of going into an antique store today, it just kind of happened by accident really… but boy am I glad I finally went into the Ferry Antique Centre on Ferry Road. My reaction when I saw the tea pot was ‘oh wow!!!’ and then how much is it? (too much for me to justify unfortunately). But if you are serious about tea pots and unique ones at that (well unique to me) then it would definitely be an excellent buy and really not that expensive at all. It really is just too darn cute! But no, I can not justify it! However… I did completely justify the purchase of one pink and sparkly woollen beret.

The Ferry Antique Centre has stuff in there from 8 different antique dealers and is a treasure trove of cool stuff and magpies everywhere should be flocking there. Seriously, I can not believe I have never been in there before. I discovered they are open from 11am on Sundays, so the next time I go to Shabby Chic, I’ll be tagging on a visit there as well no doubt with a few girlfriends in tow.

The long hallway and curtain at the back ‘beckons’ you in to explore all of the wonderful sparkly and colourful things that are on display.




I am now the proud owner of one pink beret! It has a sparkly Eiffel tower on it. I think I can justify this, as I’ve got French ancestry.




Love love love this dinner set, so pretty, and shiny.



  • 5 years ago

    Good choice on the pink baret! Looking good.

  • Graeme Stanley
    5 years ago

    Michelle, From Tasmania, You got the history of the Oddfellows Hall here. Its lost the brick bit at the rear. But it was home to The Perserverance Lodge Band and Woolston Brass Band had origins here. George Bonnington comes to mind in Band and as pioneer Chemist.Cheers Graeme Stanley from Launceston . today.

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