Breeze Lazy Sunday

March 4, 2012
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Late this afternoon, I caught the last two songs of the band that was playing in the Botanic Gardens as part of the Breeze Lazy Sundays (free music in the park). I’d been in the museum looking at the excellent Earthquake Exhibit they have on at the moment and came out just in time to get the final songs (people were really enjoying themselves – the band was good, the sun was out and the wind had finally died down for a bit).

By the way, I highly recommend the exhibit at the museum as it was very informative and moving – you can listen to the calls the police were making to the emergency dispatchers, view photos taken by the police forensic photographers, get up close to the Lyttelton Time Ball and the from the Christ Church Cathedral there was the spire with the cross on top and also the tower bell. Put aside a couple of hours for the exhibit – you’ll need at least 40 minutes to watch the documentary where people tell their personal stories from February 22nd.

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