Ducks on Waitikiri Pond

We went out to Rangiora today and on the way back took a drive around the new Waitikiri subdivision. It’s still a lot of vacant lots waiting for houses to be built but there is a big pond with plenty of resident ducks. They are obviously used to being fed as when we approached they can eagerly swimming from all corners of the pond over to where we were. There was a lot of green algae on the pond which parted as they swam through and was also providing a tasty snack too.

Michelle is back tomorrow so that’s me over and out. You can see more from me on my website or on Facebook at – Bye for now – Katherine



  • Nicky
    5 years ago

    Cool photos Kat.

  • Katherine
    5 years ago

    Thanks – there were so many ducks it was amazing!

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