A Walk down Madras Street and Moorhouse Avenue

August 28, 2012
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CPSA Building, CPIT Madras Street
CPSA Building, CPIT Madras Street

I went looking for photos tonight. I often get photos as I go about my day, but this evening the light was lovely and I decided it was good enough to go out and look for an interesting subject. I ended up on Madras Street and as I looked down into the CPIT buildings I noticed the light hitting the yellow building was particularly good.

Sculpture at CPIT, Madras Street

It wasn’t long before I was wandering down Madras Street toward Madras… but along the way I had to stop and photograph this tree by another building on Madras Street.

Across Madras Street I end up on Moorhouse Avenue and the sight of the partially demolished Science Alive building (which was once the Railway building).

Science Alive Building – part way through its demolition

For a few weeks I’ve been driving by the Science Alive building and noticing that through one of the gaps you can see a large comical-looking clock. So tonight, I finally pointed my long lens at it.

Clock inside the Science Alive building

I then notice that the light is hitting the walls by the over-bridge on Moorhouse Avenue, so I aim my long lens at it.

Moorhouse Avenue at dusk

I make my way back down Madras street, but can’t resist one more photo of one of the takeaway places near the Countdown supermarket.

Food court on Madras Street

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