September 4, 2012
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We had a lightning storm tonight – it went on for ages and was rather spectacular. I just watched it for a while and then thought I should try and get some photos. This was the best one I got, but I’ll be more prepared next time and the tripod won’t be in the car.

Today is the second anniversary of the first major earthquake that has so changed Christchurch. I’ve reached the stage of being over these anniversaries to a certain extent. I want to acknowledge it, but also want to focus on the future. At the same time, it’s awful hearing about how hard some people still have it – stressed over insurance issues, facing financial hardships, or being just plain fed up as they have to deal with an unacceptably long and drawn out bureaucratic nightmare just to get compensated for their losses.

I sincerely hope that in another year things will be much better for those who are struggling right now.

Band-aid on Knox Church


Knox Church, Victoria Street


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