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Cupcake Cuteness at New World St Martins

I needed to pick up a few groceries items for dinner tonight, so decided to check out the brand new supermarket in St Martins (the New World). Must say it’s a lovely supermarket and it might just become my regular. Though if they are always going to have such amazing cupcakes on sale, it might be very hard to stay on track with my healthy eating regime (I do allow myself the occasional treat though).

These are so cute, the people that made them are mighty clever and talented!

I was also stopped in my tracks as I walked down the bulk food aisle, as it had these large containers of licorice all-sorts. And after photographing the All Sorts second-hand store the other day, I’ve been thinking about licorice all sorts a bit! Of course, I resisted. There’s no way a container that size would last a weekend at my house!

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