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A Walk Up Mount Pleasant

I went for a walk up the Mt Pleasant hill this afternoon and as you can see I took quite a few snaps along the way. I was only going as far as the Mt Pleasant Reserve but decided to keep going up the hill and over down into Mccormacks Bay. I followed my ‘nose’ most of the way, but then used Google directions on my phone to find a quick way down. It took me through some streets I’d never been on before. I saw a lot of damage along the way. Some homes are probably beyond repair (though in Christchurch now, you just never know – it all comes down to what the insurance company thinks is repairable).

The homes just above Mccormacks Bay are very bad – in fact I suspect there were very few people living in the houses on one of the streets I walked down.

The lines on the section in the photo above are a rough house plan. It’s located on The Brae (which looks down onto Main Street). It gave me a lot of hope when I saw the spray painted plans on the ground. Someone is moving forward – they are getting their home back.

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