A lunchtime in Re-Start Mall

The Holiday Inn partly demolished, with a red zone bus tour in the foreground.

Rather dramatic looking isn’t it? And for me, it’s rather a neat synopsis of how odd it can be living in Christchurch – what with the red bus tours of destruction, the tourists peering over the fence, while nearby shoppers are shopping and office workers are lunching! For those of you who don’t know, the red bus is in the ‘red zone’ which normal people can not visit unless they have a pass to the zone or catch a red bus tour of the red zone. See I told you living in Christchurch could be odd at times.

A large metal sculpture has been installed as a Christmas Tree

A large mural is going up on the wall by the car park at the west side of the mall. I can see now why a woman walking past me commented to her friend that it looked like a ‘paint by numbers’. I can now see that they are painting the picture out – with the colours as the background and the actual picture being the white bricks. Very cool!

And lastly, here’s another mural being painting by some street artists. Not sure why it’s pinocchio or where it will end up.


  • Robert
    5 years ago

    One cannot even begin to count the words in that first picture — sad to think it’s still only the beginning of the shocking sights the ever widening gaps will soon reveal. I think you already know…

  • Robert
    5 years ago

    On a more positive note, it’s good to see the arts are so much alive and muso’s are still putting out new albums 🙂

    …and like you, the pinocchio mural has piqued my curiosity too! LOL

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