Rapaki Track on a Hot Afternoon

Late this afternoon I did the Rapaki Track. It was a warm one today – and the sun sure beats down on you when you do this walk. Always best to wear a hat, sunnies, and lots of sunscreen. Oh and take water.

The view from the top makes the long walk up worthwhile though. I never tire of looking at the bays and the hills.


  • Robert
    5 years ago

    Great view over Lyttelton harbour and a very clear day at that. I have a friend that often takes her mountain bike up the port hills at the Rapaki Track — takes about 3 hours to get to the top but only 10 minutes to make it back down again!

    You might even have known her too as she played alto sax in a band at the Catholic Cathedral back in her younger days and is also into photography when she finds the time. Anna’s her name, but I will leave it at that 🙂

  • 5 years ago

    A friend’s daughter followed the winter seasons and went to Australia for the winter in between winters here in the states…bah humbug!!! I’d rather follow the summers!!! It’s been snowing here for 4 days!!!

  • Robert
    5 years ago

    Just an afterthought… Have you considered the possibility of a one off day trip to Quail Island preferably at low tide when a lot of the old shipwrecks along the western beaches will be exposed? …also the remnants of the old Leper colony that was once there (Skelton’s grave and the steps leading to it) might make for an interesting photograph or two.

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