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Double decker bus

December 26, 2012


The double decker tourist bus with the Alice in Videoland building in the background.

Published on Wednesday, December 26th, 2012, under On the Street

3 Responses to “Double decker bus”

  1. I would be on the top deck, you get a great view. I love the art deco building and best of all they have opened a cinema. Thats my kind of place!

    • Michelle says:

      Paul, the architect of the building that houses Alice in Videoland, was a Government architect called John Thomas Muir. The building was built by the Public Works Department in 1932 – after the Napier earthquake. So the building standards used in this building were according to some at the time ‘over engineering’. Some of the piles were driven in 8 metres deep… see for more details. I don’t think the building is ‘art deco’ apparently it is ‘striped classical style’. We have the architect to thank and the engineers as well of the time, for having the foresight to build it so well.

  2. I was not real sure of the style just that I liked it. I love the bus too. Sadly our open top bus here in Leeds has stopped due the economic situation.