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Beverley Park Heritage Rose Garden

January 1, 2013


I’ve often driven past Beverley Park on Avonside Drive. It looks like a grassy park with a some trees in it – much like many of the local parks around Christchurch. So I had never actually stopped to have a look inside the park. But today, as you can see, I finally ventured past the tall trees and discovered the Heritage Rose Garden.  I’d been informed about the rose garden by one one of my Facebook followers (thanks Graeme). So I decided it was high time I checked it out.



I think this garden is definitely a very ‘hidden gem’ of Christchurch. Maybe it won’t be quite so hidden now 🙂


The local houses around the garden are all quite historic – lots of very cute cottages.


You can find the rose garden off Gilby St in Richmond (off Avonside Drive).

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Published on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013, under Gardens and Parks

2 Responses to “Beverley Park Heritage Rose Garden”

  1. When I was young I never really was big on roses but with the years I now appreciate what mum saw in them. This is a beautiful garden and well worthy of a small detour. Heres wishing you both a Great New Year.

  2. Robert says:

    I love finding hidden gems like these, and often they will be near or at historic residences too just as around Christchurch. And like Paul, also wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

    Loving these summer photos too! 🙂