A short walk around Lincoln and the Liffey Domain

The local art gallery – some excellent art works here

I was going to be picking blueberries this morning – not far from Lincoln, but it started raining  so the blueberry orchard closed down. I’ll be going back at some point, as I had my heart set on some fresh blueberries (and muffins and pies!). So, I ended up in Lincoln as it has been far too long since I have been out there. It rained off and on, but the sun would come out and everything looked so fresh and green.

Liffey Domain in Lincoln – it has a small river running through it
Fuschias growing wild in the Liffey Domain
I can never resist the opportunity to photograph rain drops on leaves
Liffey Domain
With the warmth, the rain, and the smell and sight of blue-gums I felt for a moment like I was in Australia
Pioneer Hall in Lincoln
A wonderful garden frontage just off Gerald Street (love it!)
The Tea House – for High Teas. It was closed unfortunately but is on my list of to-dos

According to the sign by the door the Tea House re-opens tomorrow. Think I might have to check it out very soon.

The famous Hillyers Bakery. Also closed today for the holidays (not sure when it re-opens).




  • Rosemarie Penno
    5 years ago

    wow makes me nostalgic. The pies from hilliiers were famous, maybe still are. Next time I recommend you take a walk around the University.

  • I love a good bakery. So many people seem to be happy to accept second rate, I just do not get it.

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