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A half day in Diamond Habour, Sculpture, Sea Views and Bird Life


This morning, my other half and I, ventured off to Diamond Harbour for a look around and some lunch. It was a beautiful day as you can tell from the skies. Lovely and sunny – not too hot, but hot enough for an ice cream. Diamond Harbour is on the Banks Peninsula and you can drive to it from Christchurch (it takes about 40 minutes to drive), but we caught the Ferry from Lyttelton which takes about 10 minutes.

I made a lunch reservation at the Godley Cafe (Godley House was demolished due to earthquake damage). The cafe is just back a bit from where Godley House was situated. I really enjoyed sitting on the deck sipping my wine and eating their pizza.


These sculptures are from the Sculpture on the Point exhibition that is on until February 24th (so you’ve got some time up your sleeve to view it). The sculptures are by Neil Dawson (first picture through the port hole), Alison Erickson (woman and child), Hannah Kidd (the dogs, horse and squirrel), Mark Whyte (the white stone sculpture) and Llew Summers (the circular sculpture). Hopefully I’ve got those all correct.


While walking around Diamond Harbour we encountered several New Zealand wood pigeon – either swooping between the trees right in front of us, feeding on cherry plums, or soaring in the air (well…as much as a big fat pigeon can soar). It’s a small feat that they can fly they are so big and such clumsy fliers.

It was a lovely day out and I highly recommend a visit to the beautiful Diamond Harbour.

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Michelle is a Christchurch web designer and photography fan living in Christchurch New Zealand.

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  1. Robert on January 5, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Again you all have picked a wonderful location for a day trip with lots to see and enjoy! – Diamond Harbour 🙂

    On the side: Since artists tend to be very sensitive people, there’s a bit about sculptor, Neil Dawson that it seems so few people are aware… If ever there was a man to know the deepest of deep blues, blues unspeakable, it’s got to be Neil. To check out the Neil Dawson timeline on Google and his biography at neildawsonsculptor.com — where most people who may know nearly nothing at all see so little, major tears well up in my eyes as I know what he’s trying to express without even a single word. Its been almost two years now that he has carried such an enormous burden upon his heart and I pray that God will someday transform his unspeakable blues into unspeakable joy.

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