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Fruit Stalls in Horotane Valley

January 5, 2013


Nothing says summer like fresh straight off-the-tree apricots and plums! I came home with a big bag of plums from the orchard above and a bag of apricots from the orchard pictured below.


If you are wondering where Horotane Valley is – it’s a small valley within a valley – as it’s in the Heathcote Valley. You can get there from Port Hills Road – just look for the sign.


You’ve got to be in quick! The fruit was flying off the shelves with car loads of people coming and going.


I’ve already eaten quite a few of the apricots and the plums. Am also tempted to try out making jam for the very first time. Sounds sticky and messy, but about time I gave it ago I think.

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Published on Saturday, January 5th, 2013, under The Seasons

One Response to “Fruit Stalls in Horotane Valley”

  1. My two favourite fruits and also my favourites when made into jam. Just go for it Michelle. Personally I am not a jam maker but I have a friend who does, marmalade too.