Botanic Gardens Today


We’re having wonderful weather at the moment – very settled and sunny and it’s supposed to last that way most of the week. I was in need of a break from my work so I took myself off to the botanic gardens for a walk and to take in the splendour. I never tire of the gardens, as something is always different, or I see something in a new ‘light’ so to speak!


A very still pond by the native tree section. Not long after I took this photo, I duck swum up and made lots of ripples in the water. Reflection was gone. It was stunning in real life.


There were sprinklers on all over the gardens today and in my eagerness to get some interesting shots I managed to get a bit wet! I’ve not mastered the ‘sprinkler’ photo it seems, so they didn’t make the cut.



  • marygems
    5 years ago

    stunning- thanks.
    My son regularly walks in these gardens and I always love to walk there with him when I visit from Wellington.

    • 5 years ago

      Your most welcome. It is a wonderful place for a walk and very good for the mind too!

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