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When I was a student (back in the day), I’d skip lectures when Young and the Restless was getting really good… (well actually there was a rota and we took turns at taking notes at the more boring lectures…). Now 20 years or so later, I find myself willingly attending lectures at night at the University of Canterbury. I’ve been to a few of the earthquake related ones, and tonight I attended an excellent history lecture entitled ‘What if Abraham Lincoln had not freed the slaves’… by Associate Professor Peter Field. It was a fascinating and illuminating look at Abraham Lincoln the man and what I came away with was he was the right man for the job for his time and his place…

So, I highly recommend the lecture series (which I only just learnt about). You can find out more at http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/wiw/

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  • 5 years ago

    Our fellow blogger Abraham Lincoln would probably find that an interesting lecture.

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