Back to Hereford Street (and High Street)

Looking West down Hereford Street towards the Police Station

For over two years, this stretch of Hereford Street has been closed to the public. It opened recently, so I took the opportunity to walk down along it and a section of High Street (that was a mall) which is now also open.

The entrance to what was City Mall (High Street part)



A stretch of Colombo Street behind the cordon, but looks like it won’t be long before it’s open.

All but one of the food containers at Man’s Bakery have stayed upright and the baked goods look like they could still be eaten today – they consist of Yo-Yo biscuits, various slices, and some savoury scones (as far as I can make out). I took the photo with my camera pressed up against the window.

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  • Robert
    4 years ago

    Picture 2 — Flour Power! 🙂

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