Ferrymead Bridge Re-Build

June 8, 2013
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Years ago, it was decided that the Ferrymead Bridge would not survive a large earthquake, so they hatched a plan to re-build it and work commenced. Then we had a major earthquake and another one, and then about 10,000 more earthquakes. The bridge still stood. But it was in bad condition underneath with large cracks. And so the bridge was demolished and two temporary bridges have been built for East and West travelling traffic.


They are now putting in the steel casings for the new bridge. These have to be driven down to the solid rock under the estuary – no mean feat, and apparently those living within a certain radius of the bridge may feel some vibration and hear some noise.


This is the road surface on the temporary bridge – you can see that the tar-seal has worn off. This is causing quite a bit of noise – it’s very noticeable when you walk over the bridge, and if you live within about 800 metres of the bridge the noise is like click clack click clack all day and night long. Around 40,000 vehicles use the bridge every day. Apparently, the engineers are trying to find a solution to fix the temporary bridges and cut down on the noise. Hopefully they will succeed and those of us living near by will have one less noise to contend with.

For those who want to know more about the rebuild have a look at the CCC information website about the bridge.

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