Full Moon Over the Port Hills


My attempt at photographing the big moons we’ve been having after the super moon. Yesterday I was a bit late and just got the moon as it was going right down behind the hill, but I was ready and waiting this morning!





  • Robert
    4 years ago

    Interesting view of the Moon on the horizon from 43.5 degrees South longitude — very different to viewing it on the horizon from 35.7 degrees North longitude!

    Being quite familiar with the locations of the north and south poles of the moon and looking at photos of the moon sitting just over the horizon, the first thing that always grabs my attention is the position of the poles in relation to the horizon, which instantly clues me in to the longitude from where the photo was made. Maybe I notice too many details?! …but I love details too 🙂

    Wonderful set of moon photos!

    • 4 years ago

      Ah… whereas I look out the window and go… hmm nice moon! I really must pay more attention to some details.

      • Robert
        4 years ago

        Once you start noticing details like these it truly does open up a whole new world, and from hence forth you can’t help but to notice what had previously gone unnoticed. You might be quite surprised too!

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