‘Fly Me up to where you are’ by Tiffany Singh, at the City Council Offices


This colourful art installation is by Tiffany Singh.

It can be seen at the Christchurch City Council offices on Worcester Boulevard. Christchurch school children have also contributed to the artwork.


The art installation is part of the Christchurch Arts Festival 2013

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  • Robert
    4 years ago

    Very impressive indeed! As for the arts scene in general somebody planted seeds and started something right years ago, which in time grew, putting Christchurch light years ahead of the arts scenes for most other places on the planet. By comparison, my hometown (a fairly good sized city) in North Carolina is woefully depressing — little do city leaders realise how the arts can be a such a dynamic catalytic driver that can free up so many doors that were considered difficult if not impossible to open. We do have our arts scene but I would be bowing my head in shame to compare!

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