Kereru (Wood Pigeon) in the Botanic Gardens


I was back at the Botanic Gardens this morning with my photo club. The intention was to photograph blossom trees, but on my way back to the car I spotted several wood pigeons flying above the canopy in the New Zealand bush section of the park. This one came down quite low so was in an excellent position for me to get this shot. I took the shot with my wonderful new camera – the Sony A77 using my long lens. This new camera has a lot more mega-pixels, so it allows me to blow up sections of the photo – as I’ve done below. Which gives me so many more options artistically!

Kereru – the New Zealand Wood Pigeon



  • Jo
    4 years ago

    Kereru. Beautiful photos! I had only seen the Kereru when I was in Akaroa on holiday, but was thrilled to see a pair at our local park in Napier last year.

  • Kaye
    4 years ago

    Excellent photo, so clear! I too was lucky enough to see Kereru in Akaroa and managed to get some great shots with a new lens I had just been given.

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