Watermark – The first part of the Avon River Precinct

August 30, 2013
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Today I checked out the new board walk that has been developed along the Avon River as part of the central city re-development called the Avon River Precinct. This precinct is something to get very excited about, it’s going to be quite simply awesome. In fact, I’m more excited about this than any building going up!


This is going to be a stunning resource for the city, and I can see people will be drawn to it and it will be well used. The precinct has been developed in response to the ideas that were shared by the general public on the redevelopment of the city. The first part of the precinct has recently opened – it’s called Watermark and runs from the Angiqua Boat Sheds to Montreal street.

Here’s a video from the CCDU about the project:


Te Papa ?t?karo / the Avon River Precinct from CCDU on Vimeo.

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