A beautiful dawn heralds the first day of Spring


You’ve got to get up early to get these shots! Even now when it is just only Spring, the sun is rising at 7am approximately. So you need to get down to the Pier before that of course and then jostle for position with the other photographers doing just what you are doing!

It was a lovely sunrise, but a little nippy still with that easterly blowing a bit.




  • Robert
    4 years ago

    Your efforts have definitely been well rewarded — lovely shots indeed! Photos of New Brighton Pier have always been amongst my faves but I also really love the last shot with the seagull and the sun rays. The blue in the skies behind you light up the surf quite nicely amidst the amber skies and reflections of the sunrise to bring out some wonderfully soothing contrasts!

  • Pete
    4 years ago

    A lovely sunrise indeed. Here in the UK we move into Autumn and then of course Winter, so looking forward to seeing your images of Spring and Summer from beautiful Christchurch.

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