The re-opened Causeway and the Start of the Coastal Pathway


The causeway is the short straight stretch of road that runs beside the estuary just past the Ferrymead Bridge. It is the main route to Redcliffs and Sumner. It’s been closed for months as the road needed repaired due to earthquake damage. During this time, traffic has been re-routed around McCormacks Bay. I dare say everyone who used this road and the residents of McCormacks bay are all now very relieved to have a working road back. The wide strip of asphalt to the left is the start of the Coastal Pathway – a dual bike and pedestrian path that will eventually make it’s way from Ferrymead to Sumner.


Some interesting drainage.


There are now a number of stairs along the pathway which take you down to the estuary beaches for easy access.


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  • 4 years ago

    An interesting upgrade after all the earthquake damage. And such a scenic area.

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