2/4 Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment (2/4 RNZIR) Charter Parade


The 2/4 Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment of the New Zealand army, marched through the streets of Christchurch today. This regiment was responsible for manning the cordons of the red zone, and this was the first time they were back on the streets since the cordon was lifted. I missed the earlier part of the ceremony where the Mayor inspected the troops, but got to watch them walk down Worcester Boulevard and then followed them to the end of the parade in Latimer Square.

This particular battalion was granted the right to parade through the streets of Christchurch with bayonets fixed and the drums beating (back in 1966). It was wonderful to see them parading through the city.


  • Robert
    4 years ago

    Men in uniform always seem to make wonderful photographs especially at parades as everything is so orderly and perfect, even when at rest. It’s great to see these men receiving recognition for such an enormous job well done!

  • Robert
    4 years ago

    Might I add the one woman (if not more) I noticed amongst this battalion too!

    On a side note, I find it odd the Christchurch City Council waited until just a day prior to announce this charter parade as I’m sure there would have been a much more massive turnout of people lining the streets if announced at least a week or fortnight beforehand. But then you might not have been able to capture such wonderful photographs like these if this were the case…

    • 4 years ago

      The parade was very low key in promotion – I only heard about it thanks to listening to the radio while doing my spring cleaning. Would have had no idea it was on other wise. So glad I got a chance to see it, and thanks to the Breeze radio station for keeping me informed of what’s on! I was also surprised to discover a Korean Festival on in the Square. Had not heard a thing about it either. Guess I need to read a bit more!

  • Muzz
    4 years ago

    IN my day a battalion was three rifle coy (A – B – C) – of three platoons and an HQ super section with the 3 inch mortar and the Vickers (3 x sections of 12 + P. Sgt and 2 Lt), say 140 all up …. plus Battalion HQ (say 60 – incl. mortar battery and Vickers troop, adjutant RSM, FAP etc) say 500 all up.

    I see things have been slimmed down a little.

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