A Photo a Day of Christchurch New Zealand

Street Art in Christchurch


This artwork by Rone is part of the Rise Street Art Festival

Christchurch is fast becoming the street art capital of the world – we have the most amazing blank canvases waiting to be filled up with incredible art. The artwork above is by Rone an Australian artist and the woman depicted in the artwork is a friend of his.




Artist’s website: http://www.askew1.com


Artist’s website: http://anthonylister.com


Artist’s website: http://www.bmdisyourfriend.com

This one is particularly deep according to my other half – whereas I saw foxes jumping, he saw much more including physical elements like water, energy and life. I knew there was more to this artwork, but didn’t grasp the deeper meaning. He said he could be wrong… so what do you see?

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