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Stone Cross from the Holy Trinity Church in Avonside

January 15, 2014


This is the cross from above the north door of the old church. The church has been demolished due to earthquake damage.

The church grounds have a lovely old cemetery which I have never been to until today. It looks like a very peaceful spot.



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Published on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014, under Daily Photo

3 Responses to “Stone Cross from the Holy Trinity Church in Avonside”

  1. Graeme Stanley says:

    We live next door in Harper Gardens The Graveyard has many notable Pioneers of Christchurch in it including Architect Benjamin Mountfort, And architect Joseph Maddison as well as Julius Von Haast and The Brittans of Linwood House Also there son in law a Superintendent of Canterbury William Rolleston and his wife Mary (a Brittan) Have you appreciated the Turrets of Christchurchs I call them Witches Hats There are a few of note. Cheers

  2. Robert says:

    Just something I’ve noticed over the years but have yet to figure out why and if it’s a global thing — I’m curious if the grave here have an east-west orientation like most other cemeteries?

    • Michelle says:

      Gosh, you’ve got me thinking now! This cemetery is east west, and a few others I can think of are too. Wonder if it’s to do with the sun?