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A Bunny, a Bird, a Bee and some Blossom

August 11, 2017
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Photographed with a normal lens – that’s how close I could get

I was walking through the Family Recovery Garden on Manchester Street (opposite the Margaret Mahy Playground) when this bunny came hopping towards me. I had heard there was a tame rabbit in the area but hadn’t given any thought to trying to find it or photograph it (or going on a ‘wild bunny chase’), so it was just a happy accident that I got the photo.


I continued on my walk around the city taking various photos. On my way back I stopped to photograph some of the blossoms – and captured the bee on the pink blossom.

We’ve got blossom trees out

As  I was walking back to the car on Cambridge Terrace (opposite the Margaret Mahy playground), I noticed a protected badge on a very large tree. Then I spotted some movement coming from the tree and imagine my surprise when I discovered it was a New Zealand Wood Pigeon. I don’t recall ever seeing one in this area before – usually, I just see them around the Botanic Gardens. If these wonderful birds are moving into the wider city this is a wonderful thing – and a sign that the city is becoming a better habitat for these amazing native birds.

New Zealand wood pigeon, Cambridge Terrace / Manchester Street

I went to the Botanic Gardens today with the intention of photographing the early spring flowers. So I never expected to come home with this shot… but that’s the fun of photography, sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time. I had no idea the Kereru was even in the tree initially – as I was focused on photographing the berries on the tree (I took a very out of focus picture of that!). The kereru would have been maybe 4 feet above me in the tree – close enough for me to be startled and then worried that it was going to fly into me. The bird was completely oblivious to me as I was filming it (I think there’s something about the camera that makes them disregard me as a threat), but it was very aware that an older lady was standing behind me watching me filming. The lady was amazed as I was about how close and clumsy the bird was. And then off she flew (the bird not the lady).

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