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Atrium of the ANZ Centre

April 15, 2017

Looking like something out of the future – the ANZ Atrium is now open with the Arborista Cafe in residence for coffee and a bite to eat.

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Duncans Building Unit Restoration

October 19, 2016


The Duncans Building is an historic row of 16 units on High Street. The two units at the far left have been restored by Joe and Nicky Arts (according to the sign on the door of the building). Another two units at the other end of the row are being restored by another owner. The remaining units are owned by the Crown. According to this article in the Press there are developers interested in restoring the rest of the units.


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The Christchurch Club

September 2, 2016


Located at 154 Worcester Street the Christchurch Club was established as a gentlemen’s club back in 1856. It’s been recently re-opened after earthquake repairs. The building is protected as a Category 1 Historic Place.



The Piano, Music and Arts Venue on Armagh Street

August 30, 2016


The Piano Centre for Music and the Arts is a new performance venue located on Armagh Street. It opened recently, and I got a look inside during the weekend when I attended the Readers and Writers Festival.

To learn more about the venue and upcoming events, visit the visit at


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New Building Taking Shape on Colombo Street

June 22, 2016


In the space of a couple of weeks this new building (not yet completed) suddenly looked like an actual building and not like a construction site. I rather like the curves of it. Something a bit different.