Long queues for most of the day to get into the H & M store

Welcome to your new city. If you have not been into the central city for a few months, you are in for a very big surprise. It feels like a different place. And today, with the opening of the H & M store, the central city was buzzing with people and energy. It’s like a real city again. There was even a real risk of bumping into people! I personally didn’t fancy queuing to get into the H & M store, so just have photos of everyone else queuing instead. I might make it there tomorrow perhaps.

I instead, explored the buildings that make up The Crossing retail area.

Shand’s Emporium

August 8, 2017
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This historic building is getting done up. From the design on the front of the fence, it looks like the final paint job will be green. It’s on Manchester Street beside the former Trinity Congregational Church. It will be lovely to see it back fully restored. Just a shame there’s a giant Bus Stop sign right in front of it (hmmm!!!!).

Lichfield Street Car Park Building

August 6, 2017
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This parking building is located on Lichfield Street opposite the Justice & Emergency building. It’s got rather an interesting design – but a little different from the architectural drawings I found online. It can’t be far off from being finished.

It’s being future proofed with drop off points for driverless cars (now that’s forward thinking). According to the company building the car park, it will consist of:

“7 floors, with 6 floors of carparks and the ground floor for retail. The building is being constructed  predominantly of structural steel and concrete. This is a unique carpark in the sense that it is being ‘future proofed’ through the incoporation of designing for electric car charging bays, and drop off points for driverless cars. Clearwater Construction

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