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The South Frame

July 18, 2017

View from St Asaph Street

The South Frame of Christchurch is slowly taking shape. The goal of the south frame is to connect parts of the city centre with pedestrian and cycle access. 

Kakapo cloak by artist Lonnie Hutchinson

The image above is a close up of the stunning cloak design that is on the side of the carpark building for the Justice and Emergency Precinct.

This section is Mollet Street – which will have a vertical garden once the plants start to make their way up – is part of the Greenway which will have distinctive gardens.

For more a more information on the South Frame, check out the Otakaro fact sheet at

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Cashel Street Mall Update – ANZ Centre

November 28, 2016


With the opening of the ANZ Centre building on Cashel Street (in the Mall) this area is suddenly a lot busier and it’s starting to feel a lot more like a central city again. There have been several new shops open up, including Glassons, Hallenstein Brothers and the super busy makeup store Mecca Maxima.

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Arts Centre Restoration

January 5, 2016


The clock tower of the Arts Centre is looking wonderful – like it was only just built (check out those dark slate roofing tiles!). The Arts Centre was a cultural hub for Christchurch and a fun place to while away an hour or so browsing the market and checking out the different artists and crafts people in residence. It also had a bustling hospitality aspect with popular cafes. So it’s great to see that the clock tower will be opening up early in 2016 (that’s this year!). See more information at the official website –—college-hall.html



The new Ferrymead Bridge Opens

March 21, 2015


Today saw a very exciting event for me personally, and for the other 30,000 commuters that use this bridge every day. It’s not a very long bridge, it’s not even a very attractive one, but it’s been a long wait for it to finally open. I’ve had a front row seat to its development and have also had to suffer through the noise, vibrations and general inconvenience of its build. But now it’s open, finally. The project is not quite finished yet though, they still have to finish off the approaches to the bridge with major changes happening on Main Road and St Andrews Hill. There will be a pedestrian traffic light on Main Road for access to the Coastal Pathway and from the plan I’ve read online the cycle path over the bridge will join up with the Tow Path (not sure if this means the Tow Path will be redeveloped).

There’s been a lot of comment about the length of time this bridge took to build. However, if you consider what’s happened since they first started to plan for the strengthening of the bridge it becomes apparent this was not simply building a bridge. Initially, they were only strengthening the existing bridge, but then we had our earthquake and it got severely damaged. So they had to go back to the drawing board with the plans and come up with an engineering solution. Then they had to build two temporary bridges either side of the existing damaged bridge. And then they had to demolish the existing bridge bit by bit. And of course then they had to build a brand new bridge while we were still getting earthquakes.

So it’s going to be wonderful to have this bridge open as it is now, but even better once all of the new roading and landscaping is completed.


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New Building on Lichfield Street with Laser Cut Steel Design

January 25, 2015


I rather like this new building on Lichfield street with an interesting design (looks like the Avon River Loop) on laser cut steel.