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Mystery Machine in Woolston

September 2, 2014


A mystery machine appeared in Woolston a few weeks back – I’ve been meaning to stop by and photograph it. Not sure what it does, kind of looks like a giant sewing machine to me (I’m sure it’s not). It has Perkins Maker Manchester on the side of it. Also looks a little steampunkish!



Mystery Bird at The Colombo

May 29, 2014


Spotted this today at The Colombo shopping centre (which is looking fabulous). I suspect the bird in question is some kind of goose. I’m not sure what it’s promoting though.


Teddy Bears on a Fence

January 31, 2013


Spotted on a fence in the city on Saint Asaph Street. There’s quite a few soft toys pinned to the fence.


Aren’t they cute? Not sure why they are there – guess just to brighten the empty lot up a bit.



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Tonka Toy Mail Box

December 18, 2012


They like fun mail boxes in Heathcote!

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The Winking Mail Box

December 17, 2012

This mail box makes me smile everytime I drive past it. It’s on Port Hills Road. I’m not sure how long it’s had the winking face on it, maybe a while, but I’ve only just noticed it in the last few weeks.

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