A Photo a Day of Christchurch New Zealand


The Cake Shop at The Tannery in Woolston


There is now a cake shop at the Tannery in Woolston. I went along this morning to check it out with my photo club. When ever the photo club turn up it’s like the paparazzi have turned up! Though we do get very distracted by cake…and choosing just which cake to end up having was quite challenging as they all looked so good. The presentation is wonderful, and you can just stand on the outside of the shop and stare at all the goodies inside. Our indecisiveness was not helped much by the constant delivery of new cakes and baked delights. I finally settled on having the chocolate lamington (with cream) and it was perfect.


Browsers Cafe in Riccarton


Another gorgeous day today in Christchurch – the perfect sort of sunny and balmy Autumn day to sit outside somewhere and have lunch. I’d not been to Browsers Cafe in Riccarton in a long time, and thought it would be the perfect spot for some outdoor dining. And it certainly was. It’s a very uplifting and fun place to hang out – and they make it particularly comfortable to do so too with very comfortable seating.

We had the club sandwiches for lunch and they were very good. It’s definitely the perfect spot for indoor or outdoor dining.

Learn more at their website or Facebook page.

Canterbury Cheesemongers

Yummo.. cheese and freshly baked bread goodness – at the Canterbury Cheesemongers on Montreal street (just behind the Arts Centre).

The smell of fresh bread when you walk through the door is just wonderful. If you love bread and you love cheese, then this place should be on your list of go-to shops.

A Very Serious Sandwich

Definitely an inside day today, brrr it’s been cold and wet and windy. So I stopped off at The Colombo and sampled a very serious chicken and peanut sandwich from The Serious Sandwich. It was very filling and delicious! Good and hot coffee too.

Kim’s Kitchen in Ashburton

I drove through Ashburton today on my way further south for a few days. I was in need of a coffee and a snack so decided to stop at Kim’s Kitchen in Tancred Street.

I’d been there for the first time a few weeks back for lunch and thought it was wonderfully kitsch and fun.

Today, I had some of their cheese rolls – which are something of a southern kiwi thing I believe (thin white bread with a cheesy filling that is then rolled up and grilled. I hadn’t had one for years.

Excellent coffee there too!

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