A Photo a Day of Christchurch New Zealand


A kitty at my window!

Ever get that feeling someone is watching you? Well I did this morning – and imagine my surprise (and delight) when I spotted the neighbours cat (probably still really a kitten) sitting on our recycle bin and watching me work. She stayed sitting there observing me intently for a good ten minutes! She’s called Matilda and she has been very fascinated with us for a couple of months, but very much from a distance. If we came anywhere near her she would shoot back to the safety of home. But today she finally decided she’d allow me to pat her and then she was off on her way. Clearly she had some pressing business to attend to.

Ferry Road Dairy Mural

This mural is on the side of a dairy (a convenience store) on Ferry Road (not far from Moorhouse Avenue). I often drive by it and have been meaning to photograph it for a while as it always strikes me as being somewhat odd. Maybe older ladies in hats enjoy chicken and chips! Though I always think the one in blue is a man in drag! Apologies if the character bears any resemblance to anyone living or dead and I have just slighted your Mum!

Seagull Theft Disclaimer


The sign on the counter at Scarborough Fare Cafe. By the way, I had one of their afghan biscuits (cookies) while I was there and they were delicious (if you’re not familiar with them they are made of cocoa and corn flakes with rich chocolate icing on the top and a walnut or two).

Birthday Bloomers on Barrie Street


Apparently, these knickers have been hanging from this pole for quite a few weeks. I discovered them during a walk around my friend Emma’s neighbourhood of Addington. It was an interesting morning to be out, and we saw – man with gun off to go duck hunting we presumed and hoped, young man wearing a black skirt, man with a beard so long he could audition for ZZ top, large friendly cat, and these giant knickers. The name on them is Chuckey I think. So Chuckey, happy belated birthday.

Random Images

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