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Kereru in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens

I went to the Botanic Gardens today with the intention of photographing the early spring flowers. So I never expected to come home with this shot… but that’s the fun of photography, sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time. I had no idea the Kereru was even in the tree initially – as I was focused on photographing the berries on the tree (I took a very out of focus picture of that!). The kereru would have been maybe 4 feet above me in the tree – close enough for me to be startled and then worried that it was going to fly into me. The bird was completely oblivious to me as I was filming it (I think there’s something about the camera that makes them disregard me as a threat), but it was very aware that an older lady was standing behind me watching me filming. The lady was amazed as I was about how close and clumsy the bird was. And then off she flew (the bird not the lady).

Snow on the mountains


As you can see the polar blast has delivered, with our mountains getting a good coverage of snow. Even the Port Hills had a dusting of snow on them today. As you can imagine, it’s cold, too cold for April in my opinion. We still have six weeks left of Autumn, so winter can just go away for now, I like my sunny Autumnal days too much and am not ready for hat, gloves, scarf and thermals!


Looking over Heathcote Valley to the Port Hills


Looking over the estuary at Ferrymead at dusk


The day ended with a lovely sunset.


Spring has Sprung!


I went for a walk in the gardens / Hagley Park to take photos of the daffodils and noticed that my favourite blossom tree in the gardens is nearly in full bloom – making for a beautiful combination of blossom tree and daffodils. Spring is certainly here – though there is the lack of the very verdant green of mid-spring (things are still a little bare). Beautiful none-the-less.





A Trip on the Christchurch Gondola


The Christchurch Gondola was closed for two years after the February 2011 earthquake. It re-opened recently, so today was a perfect day to venture up to the top. Apparently a lot of other people also decided today was a great day too – it was busy! But great to see this wonderful tourism attraction being so well patronised. It can’t have been easy getting it back up and running – just take a look at the boulders on the Summit road in the photos below.


Apparently, some cyclists are still using summit road – you can see there’s a little pathway cleared through the rocks. The road is obviously closed, and quite frankly I think anyone would have to be mad to cycle on it. Also, based on the view from the Gondola, you are taking your chances walking the Bridle Path track which is still closed – yet people are still walking it. I noticed the fence that was blocking the entrance to the pathway has been knocked over. I was a regular walker of it and miss this track, but I certainly won’t be taking my chances!

Got to say though, I felt perfectly safe in the Gondola. So much so that I’ve got myself an annual pass (at $45 bucks for a year it’s a steal) – so expect to see lots of photos from the top of the hills in the near future.


Ah what a view! Looking east towards New Brighton.


And now looking down over Lyttelton to the Banks Peninsula.


Oh how I love those hills.

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