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Weekend in Winter Wonderland of Tekapo

August 2, 2017
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These photos are from this past weekend in Tekapo. We timed our visit there perfectly – the roads had been well graded and just a little bit of ice in places. When we started seeing the snow at around Burkes Pass area I started getting excited. I really don’t know what it is about snow that thrills me so much, I just have to walk in it, stand and stare at it, and of course take countless photos of landscapes and objects covered by it. I took so many photos, I could probably do a month’s worth of blog posts, but this blog is not called Tekapo Daily Photo – so I can’t. But here are some of my favourite images from the weekend. 

The view at the top of the Pass just before coming into Fairlie

I saw quite a few rabbits trying to get some feed in the snow.
Tekapo Four Square

The local supermarket must have the best view in the country of any supermarket – as you can see it’s stunning. 

Butterflies at the Discovery World Tropical Forest at Dunedin Museum

January 12, 2015
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On my way back to Christchurch today, I decided to finally stop at the Dunedin Museum and check out their butterfly exhibit. It was wonderful seeing so many butterflies in such a lovely tropical setting – though it was very hot and my camera lens kept misting up which made getting decent photos something of a challenge.


There were some beautiful large blue butterflies that I couldn’t get a shot of at all – but one flew straight at me, landing very briefly on my nose!


Located just south of Oamaru on State Highway One, Totara Estate is the birthplace of New Zealand’s frozen meat export industry. I’ve driven past the entrance to the Estate many times, but today I decided to finally drive in and have a look. I discovered a series of historic buildings and a fascinating story about a problem two countries had and an innovative solution. The year was 1882 and New Zealand couldn’t consume all of it’s sheep meat, meanwhile England couldn’t easily feed a growing population. The estate tells the story of these early agricultural entrepreneurs with a number of displays. There’s even some extremely friendly sheep (they can be hand fed). Well worth the visit and I think there’s something there for everyone.




I was in Oxford today with my Photo Club, and got to enjoy the wonderful High Tea at Pink Sugar – we had two small children with us and I was really impressed with their servings of high tea and the cute milk shakes they got. Our food was wonderful too – though I think I ate too much!



A cute pink milkshake for the kids.


This is the high tea serving the children got – it seemed to be pretty popular with them.


This was the two person adult serving of high tea. It was delicious and no need for lunch after this!


Pink Sugar Opening in Oxford

October 18, 2014
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Pink Sugar is located in Oxford (a rural town located about 40 minutes north of Christchurch). It is a vintage high tea cafe and eatery serving high teas, Devonshire teas, as well as cabinet food. They don’t officially open until Monday the 20th of October, but I got along to the official ‘ribbon cutting’ opening.

I absolutely love what Sally the owner has created here. She had a vision for a vintage tea shop and she has nailed it perfectly – from the chandeliers, the pink and soft blue floral wall paper, the gorgeous fine bone china, fine teas, and absolutely delicious food. I have no doubt that this new venture will be a roaring success and I look forward to many afternoon visits out there to enjoy the ambience.

Pink Sugar is located at 76 Main St, Oxford.

You can learn more about Pink Sugar at there Facebook page.


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