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Caribe Latin Kitchen, Little High Eatery on High Street

May 25, 2017

Wow, what a wonderful sensory overload the new food court at Little High Eatery is! It’s located at 181 High Street at the back of what was once the site of the McKenzie and Willis Building (and now just its facade remains after being completely rebuilt).

We wandered around checking out all the different food options today (lots of awesome choices on offer), after the usual ‘what do you want to eat chit chat’, we decided on Caribe Latin Kitchen. I just love how colourful the seating and decorations are and the food was delicious too (I had the chicken burrito with a Mexican Coke). And wow, you can have a margarita at lunch if that takes your fancy (now personally, that would have me under my table after lunch!).

It’s just great to see a lively energetic spot – there were so many people there, that quite frankly I was a bit overwhelmed and probably walked around for a bit in a state of confusion (is this really Christchurch?). Once we’d settled into our lunch spot, it was easy to spot the other folks feeling the same way. I can see this is going to be a regular lunch spot for those working in the Innovation Precinct.

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Atrium of the ANZ Centre

April 15, 2017

Looking like something out of the future – the ANZ Atrium is now open with the Arborista Cafe in residence for coffee and a bite to eat.

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Mona Vale Homestead

February 13, 2017

Mona Vale homestead re-opened recently after a restoration – and it’s looking fantastic. I took the opportunity to meet some friends there for lunch and then a short walk around the rose garden.

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Sign of the Kiwi Cafe

January 27, 2017

The Sign of the Kiwi Cafe recently re-opened after being restored due to earthquake damage. I headed up there today to grab a bite to eat and check out things out.

It’s proving to be very popular, and if you do visit just be aware that it’s cash only at the moment until they sort out their Eftpos / internet set up.

You can learn more about the restoration at

Here’s one of the views – the observant will spot a chair lift going up the hill (the Adventure Park).

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Curry en Route on Soleares Avenue

January 29, 2015


On the recommendation of our local hairdresser we dined tonight at Curry en Route which is located on Soleares Avenue in Mt Pleasant (they also have restaurants in Amberley and Parklands). The food was absolutely delicious – some of the best Indian food I’ve had for sure. Plus very friendly service.

DSC09719 DSC09722 DSC09726

You can learn more at their website at

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