Sporting Events


This afternoon I went along to watch Kendo. Kendo is a Japanese sword fighting martial art. I know several kendoka (Kendo practictioners), but this was the first time I had watched competitions. The rounds were three minutes long and quite intense! It’s fast paced and very hard to photograph.

kendo2 kendo3


This is the winner of the SBS Marathon in Christchurch, coming down the home straight.  I attended the Marathon with members of my photo club, with the purpose of practicing our shutter speeds. It was quite a challenge to get things focused! And we were really surprised at just how fast the top athletes ran.  It was very cold, we had some sleet, and a cold easterly blowing. So I take my hat off to all of those who took part in the full and half marathons, and the walkers – you are very brave people.

Email me if you would like a copy of any of the photos.


A moment from the Global Football Festival final in Christchurch.  This is an ‘All Star’ side who played against the UnDutchables. The game went into extra time but the All Stars finally scored to take the game 1-0. But there was a little drama along the way with a couple of yellow cards.



They were pretty happy to win!

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