Walking Tracks

Walking up hill towards Mt Pleasant Road

On a whim, I decided to walk along the Drayton’s Reserve track in Mt Pleasant. I’d been along the track before taking it to Mt Pleasant Road but had not taken the side track that goes back to Basil Place. I discovered lovely tranquil a spot that was hard to believe it was in the middle of the city.

The Downhill section to Basil Place

At the bottom of one section of the track, I discovered a water fall (probably drainage for the hill).


Waterfall on Draytons Reserve Track

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To mark the 6th anniversary of our first date, my partner Bruce and I walked up the Bridle Path track in Heathcote. It was six years ago today that we had our first date – and at my suggestion it was the walk up the track. It was stinking hot that day and I really struggled with the heat (29 degrees and very muggy). Today was much less warm (about 20 degrees), but the walk was still challenging as I’ve not been doing my hill walk much of late (thanks to a large workload). So today was a reminder how important it is to keep that fitness up if you want to clamber around our hills. Just like six years ago, we climbed up the Heathcote side, then down into Lyttelton, had a coffee and a bite to eat, a wander around Lyttelton and then a long walk back up the other side and then back down into Heathcote. It’s about 17,000 of my steps (according to my pedometer).

Bruce and myself at the top of the first leg – on Summit Road.


The view looking down into Lyttelton.


I wasn’t sure if this photo would convey the steepness of this road – the track leads off to this road and it’s fine walking down it, but coming back up is challenging. At one part of the road there is a hand rail and it was most welcome.


A mural in Lyttelton depicting the early settlers of Canterbury who walked over the Bridle path carrying all of their worldly goods (the path was the only way over the hills to Christchurch from the Port).

Views from the Duncan Park Walkway on Port Hills Rd

I’ve known about this walkway for quite a while, but I didn’t know what it was like, where it went or the conditions of the walkway. I drive past the entrance to it a lot (it’s on Port Hills Road) and think “I must do that walk sometime…” and then never do. Partly because the walk looked a bit woody and perhaps something I didn’t want to do on my own for the first time.

View from the top of the walk – looking down into Horatane Valley

Well, today, I finally went for the walk, as we’ve had an absolutely stunning Autumn day with temperatures in the 20’s. So Bruce and I ventured up the pathway and both discovered this stunning walk for ourselves.

Our guide for the walk ‘Maz’ the terrier

Very early into the walk, a little dog appeared from one of the paddocks and as we are animal fans we made a bit of a fuss of him. He was such a cutie and it was like he realised we’d never done the walk before because before we knew it, he was on the walk with us and kept running ahead showing us the way and then waiting up for us. He was an adorable little dog and his name tag said ‘Maz’. I suspect this is how he gets his daily walks! Clever little dog. He was totally unfazed at following us and once we got to the equestrian centre at the end of the walk he was off through the paddocks back home.

Looking down into Avoca Valley

The walk goes between two valleys – Horotane valley and Avoca. According to Map My Run the walk is 4.77 km long and has a total ascent of 389.46 metres. And as you can see from the photos it’s a beautiful walk. I highly recommend it.

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