It was quite an effort to get close enough to the Monarch! Several times I would have the shot all framed up and it would flutter away, leaving me mumbling under my breath and tip toeing after it!

Monarch’s are quite common in Christchurch from Spring through to early Autumn and many people specifically add swan plants (milkweed) to their gardens to attract the butterflies – in fact it can be quite hard to get swan plants in the late summer!

I had quite a few plants myself a few years ago and got hours of entertainment watching the caterpillars grow and then trying to get a photo of them coming out of their chrysalis.

Technically, a walker, a jogger and a cyclist! I was actually trying to photograph the wild flowers that grow in this part of the park, but looked up and liked this shot better.


“Hagley Park has been at the heart of Christchurch since the 1850s and is today by far our most significant central city park. It is renowned for it’s extensive acreage (161 hectares), its wide-open spaces and mature woodlands. Hagley Park is also a major sporting and cultural focal point. It offers a diverse range of entertainment and recreational opportunites within close proximity to the city centre.” Source: CCC Website

About a year ago this cat turned up on my doorstep crying and pleading for food. Now I know feeding someone else’s cat is just asking for trouble, but the cries were so pitiful and then I looked about 20 feet down the driveway and saw another tabby watching on. I suspect one of my neighbours went on holiday and left them to be fed by someone else – who did a pretty poor job at it. So I gave in, hoping that once the neighbours returned the cats would soon forget all about me. And they did. But then …


the neighbours took possession of a very cute puppy, who is now a very large dog.. and my wee furline friend is trying very hard to adopt me, and maybe also the folks in unit 2…. (yes I know you’ve been sharing the love Ms KittyKat).

So, is the dog eating the food? Or has the cat cottoned on, and realised I’m a big softie? Either way,what’s a can of tuna now and then between friends, and look at the shot I got as thanks! It only took 30 blurred shots of this cat’s behind, tail and back of the head, but it was worth it – proving that patience is everything in photography.


After a few “wanna kick myself for not bringing my camera” moments, I now try to take my camera everywhere. It’s a compact Pentax Optio and can fit into my jeans pocket very neatly. So today, I was on my way to ‘Briscoes’ a local homeware store when I saw this lovely wisteria draped the entire length of this wrought iron fence. Only a close up does justice to how pretty it is.

p.s I’m now researching which Digital SLR to buy, so if anyone has any advice on this (I’m thinking Nikon or Canon) please leave me a comment with your camera recommendation!

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