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Tram 178 Completes 100,000 City Circuits

September 15, 2007

To celebrate tram 178 completing 100,000 circuits of Christchurch city, these men had the task of pulling the tram down Worcester street (right by the Arts Centre).

Getting ready to pull

And they are on their way! I was really surprised at how much traction they had once they got going, the tram practically flew by me.

I’m not sure how close I got, but a woman next to me put her hand out as I was leaning in to get the photo! I think she may have been a little worried!


Ferrier Fountain – Christchurch Town Hall

September 14, 2007

A close up of the fountain located in front of the Christchurch Town Hall. You can find out more about the fountain at


Here’s another view of the fountain – this is looking over toward Victoria Square on the intersection of Colombo and Armagh streets.



Trees Along the Avon River

September 13, 2007

This is the Avon River which meanders through the city. It’s very shallow, but deep enough for the punting companies to punt on. This scene is taken from Madras street, and the punters don’t come up this far. Right in the middle of the picture you can see the start of some of Christchurch’s high rise buildings.



Lunchtime New Regent Street

September 12, 2007

This is New Regent street in central Christchurch – it’s very quaint with colourful buildings and great little boutique shops (a must see if you come to Christchurch). The tram does a short loop around the CBD. I’d never really noticed how close the tables are to the tram tracks!



Tribute to Firefighters

September 11, 2007

Girders from the collapsed World Trade Center were gifted to New Zealand and used in this memorial sculpture. The sculpture is by Graham Bennett and was unveiled in 2002, as part of the opening of the Firefighters Reserve located by the Avon River on the corner of Kilmore and Madras Streets.

The memorial is dedicated to all firefighters who have died in the course of duty.


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